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Financial Analysis & Advisory

We are here to assistour clients with advising onthe best means of financing,develop optimum capital structure, and providing efficient money management solutions to help maximize returns and shareholder value..and shareholder value. Mergers & Acquisitions We offer services that enable clients to consolidate companies and assets through various types, of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions. Investment and market research analysis and Management Financial Analysis and performance financial due diligence of companies We evaluate businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions to determine their performance and suitability. We typically assist a client to help them determine if an entity is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to warrant a monetary investment and conduct overall financial due diligence tests to assess feasibility of investment. Financial modeling Valuation of businesses based on various approaches that suit the requirements of the business and can source for the best financing/investing deals

Financial Due Diligence

In major transactions, such as acquisitions, disposals and mergers, both you and your funders need the best possible assurance that there are no unforeseen hazards inherent in the venture. Due diligence is the process by which we assess all the relevant financial factors thoroughly in advance.

Why choose Blackrose in Eastern Africa?

We provide an investigative financial analysis of a business, including results/projections, tax, cash flows, operational resources, management information, systems and controls, and management and employee issues. This helps you to address the key issues facing the business and, in particular, the drivers behind maintainable profits and cash flow. Our commercially focused reports assist you in your evaluation process and satisfy the requirements of your funders.

Our due diligence team is composed of specialists who will work closely with your internal team and other advisers to deliver a full integrated support service, delivering reports tailored to your requirements. Teams come equipped with local knowledge and have access to ancillary specialist services and sector expertise. As members of the independent network, Blackrose Consultancy, we are also able to offer support on cross-border transactions. Our work with all major banks and many private equity houses gives our reports credibility with funding institutions.

What we offer

We provide support throughout transactions, from pre-deal evaluation through to completion and post-deal integration or separation. Our services include:

  • Pre-deal evaluation - initial desktop review assessment to identify the key risk factors and potential deal breakers in the proposed transaction
  • Transaction evaluation - comprehensive financial due diligence review as part of your overall assessment of the proposed transaction
  • Vendor Support - pre-sale reviews and grooming of businesses prior to disposal
  • Vendor due diligence - an independent analysis and evaluation of a business’s financial performance, prepared at an early stage of the disposal process
  • Tax due diligence - an independent review of the tax affairs of a company or target and assessing the financial impact on the deal.

Mergers, Acquisition and Disposals (M&A)

At certain points in the development of a business it may be appropriate to enter into M&A transactions that result in a significant change to the shape of the business going forward. The reasons behind such changes vary but it is vital that a business seeks good professional advice when considering such options.

Why choose Blackrose Consultancy in Eastern Africa?

Blackrose Consultancy in Eastern Africa has considerable experience in advising and supporting clients in the planning, negotiation, and completion of M&A deals. Our involvement at an early stage is advisable to ensure you are properly prepared as this is fundamental to the success of any M&A transaction.

As well as strong local corporate finance teams, we have a dedicated Eastern Africa M&A team who work as part of the corporate finance team to provide support on transactions so that our sector experience and contact networks can be shared.

Blackrose Consultancy firms in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Somalia/Somaliland are member firms of the Blackrose Consultancy a network of legally independent firms. This provides useful support in obtaining information on potential acquisition targets and possible acquirers in Eastern African countries and overseas. They also provide access to other professionals who may be acting for such parties. Any M&A work transactions will require the expertise and support of a number of professionals and we would be happy to recommend some of our contacts (such as lawyers or investment bankers) so you may pull together your M&A team.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services to support M&A transactions which include the following:

  • Strategic advice - we provide support in the initial planning stage of your business development. A third party view is often invaluable in exploring your options
  • Valuation advice - we can provide guidance on possible values of acquisition targets or businesses that are to be divested
  • Business Planning - we can help you plan in more detail how your M&A transactions will fit into your business development strategy
  • Financial Modelling - we can assist in the development of financial models to assess the impact of the M&A transaction and to help identify any associated fund raising requirement
  • Re-active acquisition search - we can use our M&A team and Eastern Africa network to identify acquisition opportunities where a party has made it known that a business is for sale
  • Pro-active acquisition search - we can research potential targets that are not currently for sale and approach them on your behalf to see if they may be interested in entering into preliminary discussions
  • Full acquisition support role - once an acquisition or merger target has been identified, we can support you through the whole process. This will include initial negotiations/investigation, valuation advice, agreeing the form of the deal, due diligence, negotiation of the acquisition agreement and working with your lawyers and other advisors until the deal is completed
  • Full divestment support role - should you wish to sell part or all of your business we can provide a full support role. This could include a pre-sale evaluation, valuation advice, preparation of an information pack, research of likely buyers, approaching buyers, agreeing the form of the deal, due diligence, negotiation of the sale agreement and working with your lawyers and other advisers until the deal is completed.

A merger and acquisition transaction represents a significant challenge for the management of any business. As part of your team, Blackrose Consulatancy in Eastern Africa would be delighted to help you in reaching a successful outcome.

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